Attention Student Members

A new League year is starting: April 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023. Your participation with us during the past year has been especially valuable and we hope it will continue into this important election year. If you wish to maintain your League membership, please let us know by downloading, filling out and mailing the Membership Form to: LWVL-DC, PO Box 1072, Lawrence, KS 66044. The membership form is found at on the “Join and Renew” page. Unfortunately, we do not have a fillable membership form on our website currently.

Student members don’t pay dues, but we do need renewal information from you. We want your data in our records to be correct and current. Please let us know if you are still a student, still interested in belonging to the LWVL-DC, and any changes in your information.

Marjorie Cole, membership

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