Redistricting map to House committee Jan 20

Let your legislators know NOW that you want a transparent and fair process for redistricting.

Your State League Redistricting Committee met to discuss the final maps and the new legislative steps that are adding more challenges to get our maps seen and considered by legislators.

This is the first time that the Redistricting Legislative Committee is requiring maps be
sponsored by legislators before technical review by the Legislative Research Department – the first step. Previously, any group could present mapping options to the committee making the recommendations to the full House and Senate. This is limiting the public’s input in the redrawing of legislative and congressional districts. Unfortunately, this seems to be the objective of legislative leadership.

Currently, the Congressional map is scheduled for discussion in the House committee Thursday, January 20, with a possible vote on Friday. Our committee is working to get the legislative sponsors needed to get our map presented. If we are unable to meet this very quick deadline, we still have the opportunity to present our suggested maps to the Senate Redistricting committee.

Let your legislators know that you want a transparent and fair process for Redistricting.

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