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Thursday, March 24, 2022, Noon to 1 PM via Zoom

On August 2, Kansas voters will have the opportunity to vote “NO” to protect the right to abortion in the state constitution. Join Leslie Butsch and Rachel Stoutamire with Planned Parenthood Great Plains Votes and Kansans for Constitutional Freedom to gain a background understanding of the amendment, hear about the messages we’re using, and learn how to talk to your friends and neighbors about defending reproductive freedom in Kansas.

Rachel Stoutamire (she/hers)
Leslie Butsch (she/Hers)

“The Future of our Schools”

Background Resources for Feb 10 Hot Topics Panel Discussion

We recommend you review these resources for background information before the event on Feb 10, 7 pm, Zoom link

USD 497


Hot Topics! “The Future of Our Schools”

Join us as Shannon Berquist, Kelly Jones, Alicia Erickson and Kay Emerson discuss “The Future of Our Schools.” Find much background information here. For more information, please contact Denise

Pettengill [PettengillDenise (at) gmail (dot) com].
Here is the Zoom link to the Feb 10, 7 pm event.

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Hot Topic: Rachel Sweet of Planned Parenthood

May 20, 2021

Rachel Sweet is the Regional Director of Public Policy and Organizing with Planned Parenthood of Great Plains. The Kansas Primary in August 2022 will see a constitutional amendment proposal that, if passed, would negate the Kansas Supreme Court ruling in April of 2019 that a woman has bodily autonomy protected by the Kansas Constitution.

Hot Topic: February 18, 2021

Redistricting: How It Works and Implications for Kansas

Patrick R Miller, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science at Kansas University will talk about the redistricting process. What is it? How does it work? What standards drive the process? How could this play out in Kansas? What will the implications be for Kansas elections in the next decade?