Action Alert

Ask your senators to vote YES on the Freedom to Vote Act

Action Alert

We need you to speak with legislators now!

All citizens need easy access to their ballots. When you contact Kansas senators Jerry Moran and Roger Marshall to ask for their votes, consider these points in favor. Choose which you want to emphasize:

The Freedom to Vote Act reduces differences in voting access from state to state:

  • Eligiblity requirements.
  • Convenience of polling locations.
  • Acceptable ID types.
  • What disqualifies a ballot.
  • Types of ballots available (electronic, paper or mail-in).

The bill reduces unfair barriers to voting:

  • Voter ID process easier.
  • Making Election Day a holiday would reduce waiting time in lines, especially early and late in the day.
  • Giving shift workers time off to vote.
  • Require more poll locations.
  • Stop extra scrutiny for uncommon names.
  • No problem if a voter’s signature changes with aging.

The bill would make voting easier for everyone:

  • Early voting, including weekends.
  • Vote by mail in all 50 states.
  • Better access for disabled voters.
  • Multiple types of ID accepted.
  • Restore voting rights upon release from jail.

The bill would better prevent voter fraud and suppression!

  • Prohibit dissemination of false and misleading information.
  • Preserve ballots and records.
  • Guarantee every valid vote will be counted.
  • Prevent election sabotage.
  • Safeguard against unlawful voting roll purges.
  • Modernize voter registration.
  • Automatically registers U.S. citizens at the age of 18.
  • Same-day voter registration.

The LWVL-DC needs you to write to your senators today:

Contact Jerry Moran here
Contact Roger Marshall here