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The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan political organization encouraging informed and active participation in government. We influence public policy through education and advocacy.

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November 8. Thanks to the efforts of League member Stephen Davis, Lawrence Transit System bus rides with be free on Election Day! Tell a friend!

October 20. You can now view videos of recent Voter Education Coalition Candidate forums and League's Hot Topic on the Fair Judges Project! To view the forum with candidates for Kansas House of Representatives Districts 42, 44, and 45 (recorded Oct 16), click here. [Note: The video stops at 47.20 for several minutes while the KU journalism students change film. Use your curser to move the time a few seconds later to watch the remaining video.]
To view the forum with candidates for Kansas Senate Districts 2 and 3 (recorded Oct 16), click here.
To view the forum with candidates for Kansas Board of Education District 4 (recorded Oct 17), click here.
To view the forum with candidates for Douglas County Commission Districts 2 and 3 (recorded Oct 17), click here.
For coverage of these forums in Lawrence Journal-World, check out the following links!
For an article on the forums on House and Senate races, click here. [Note that the LJW did a little fact-checking that candidate for Senate District 2 incorrectly stated that the equalization payment went to the school district, while, in fact, it only relieved property taxes and did not increase the school district funds.
For an article on the forums on Douglas County Commission races, click here.
No article appeared in the Journal-World on the Kansas Board of Education District 4 forum.
To view our October Hot Topic! on the Informed Voters, Fair Judges Project, with Kansas Supreme Court Justices Marla Luckert and Carol Beier, click here.

September 30. If you missed David Burress's presentation one the Leagues's economic development study, or just wish to review the information he presented, you can now download his slideshow here [pdf]!

September 16. We have posted new election information on our elections page.

July 25. You can now view Lawrence Voter Education Coalition forums for Kansas House Districts 42, 44, and 45 here and for Douglas County Commission District 3 here. For more information about the upcoming elections, visit the VEC Facebook page.

July 2. If you are looking for links to recent League presentations, including our June Hot Topic with LWVK Legislative Observed Paul Johnson, you can now find them on our Videos, Reports, Minutes page.

June 29. Read LWVK Observer Paul Johnson's latest report on the 2016 session of the Kansas Legislature here.

June 20. We have posted updated information to help the 988 Douglas County voters still on the the Kansas Secretary of State's "Suspense List" complete their registrations. To find out the suspense list and learn how to complete your registration, visit our elections page.

June 9. Read LWV L-DC member Maggie Carttar's letter Real Solution in today's Lawrence Journal-World.

April 22. Read the presentation David Burress planned to present regarding the LWV L-DC Economic Development Study at our 2016 Annual Meeting here.

March 7. Expanding earlier studies of governmental secrecy in Douglas County, League member Alan Cowles has investigated the use of closed meetings by governing bodies statewide. You can find his most recent (2016) summary and the full report on our LWV L-DC Reports and Minutes page.

February 23. Read a nice editorial in support of League in today's Lawrence Journal-World defending League here.

League members hard at work registering voters at a recent event.

October 28, 2015. A plan by the League and several state universities to offer a short course aimed at educating college students about voter registration in Kansas is getting a lot of coverage this week. Read a story about the initiative in the Wichita Eagle here, and an editorial supporting our efforts in the Lawrence Journal-World here.

October 16, 2015. Read a story in the Lawrence Journal-World about League's efforts to register voters here and an editorial praising League's efforts here!

Ruthi Rapp selected to receive 2016 Helen Fluker Award

March 10. The Lawrence-Douglas County League of Women Voters selected Ruthi Rapp to receive the 2016 Helen Fluker Open and Accessible Government Award. The Fluker Award honors a Douglas County resident who shows leadership in promoting citizen participation in government. Ms. Rapp is recognized for her community leadership in promoting improvement in government through her work with the Boys & Girls Club of Lawrence encouraging and facilitating Kids Voting Kansas.
She was honored at the Fluker Award Luncheon on Saturday, March 19.

Ms. Rapp has volunteered for Kids Voting Kansas for many years, acting as the sole liaison to bring the education program into all 14 Boys & Girls Club locations in Lawrence. She has increased youth participation in Kids Voting Kansas to 6,723 by exposing youth to the experience of participating in the democratic process.

Ms. Rapp worked with the Boys & Girls Club staff to implement citizenship curriculum and activities leading up to voting day. She put together age-appropriate activity notebooks for each site that can be used for many years. As a result of her efforts, more youth in Lawrence are growing up as informed citizens who will now have the tools needed to participate actively in local and national government upon reaching adulthood. Mr. Rapp's impact on future citizen participation is immeasurable.

Annual Meeting 2015

Summary of Business Transactions. During the business meeting, the membership:

  • Adopted a budget for the 2015+2016 League year.

  • Elected President Debra Duncan; Vice-President Cille King; Secretary Jeanne Mann (first year of a two-year term); Directors Margaret Arnold, marci francisco, Janice Friedman, Midge Grinstead, Carol Klinknett, Marlene Merrill, and Melissa Wick (each first year of a two-year term); and Nominating Committee, Mary Lou Wright (Chairperson), Sharon Brown, and James Dunn. Continuing on the Board are Treasurer Marjorie Cole and Director Austin Turney. There were no nominees for the other President Elect and one vacant seat on the Board of Directors. Two board members will be appointed to the nominating committee by the board of directors at a later date.

Minutes of the meeting may be found on our reports and minutes page.