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Election information

The primary for City Commission and for an open 2-year term on USD 497 School Board will be held on March 3rd. (In addition, the general election will include candidates vying for 4 four-year terms on the School Board.) You can download a list of the candidates with a short bio each here [pdf]. (List first printed on January 27 in the Lawrence Journal-World.

The League is working to produce candidate profiles, with information about the background, experience, and qualifications of each candidate, as well their responses to a set of twelve questions about issues affecting Lawrencians. Beginning on February 7th, we will post these as the are returned to us. You can learn more about each candidate, by clicking on his or her name below to download (as a pdf) a candidate profile.
Kris Adair's candidate profile [pdf].
Mike Anderson's candidate profile [pdf].
Stuart Boley's candidate profile [pdf].
Dave Crawford's candidate profile [pdf].
Matthew Herbert's candidate profile [pdf].
Stan Rasmussen's candidate profile [pdf].
Terry Riordan's candidate profile [pdf].
Greg Robinson's candidate profile [pdf].
Rob Sands' candidate profile [pdf].
Bob Schumm's candidate profile [pdf].
Leslie Soden's candidate profile [pdf].
Cori Viola's candidate profile [pdf].
Gary Williams's candidate profile [pdf].

As of February 20th, a response has not yet received from candidate Justin Priest.

Voter Registration

If you are registering to vote in Kansas for the first time, you will need to provide proof of U.S. citizenship. For more information about citizenship requirements, acceptable proof of citizenship documents, and other frequently asked questions (FAQs), visit the Douglas County Clerk's website.

Individuals registered to vote in Kansas as of January 1, 2013, are deemed to have submitted proof of citizenship and are exempt from the requirement as long as they remain on the voter registration list. Moving from one place to another within Kansas or modifying one's registration records does not require the person to re-submit proof of citizenship. If a voter's registration is canceled, the person must submit a citizenship document when re-registering.

If you have moved since you last voted, you should update your voter registration with the County Clerk's office so that you will be assigned to the correct voting precinct.

Viewing and Printing PDF Files

Get Adobe Reader to read PDF files You will need Adobe Reader to view or print PDF files. Click on the Adobe icon to download this free program.